Mission, Values & Vision

We at AVC are clear on the following:

Our Mission:

To transform life chances for children within centres of educational excellence.

Our Values:

- Honesty

o   We will be open and truthful about our decisions and actions

- Fairness

o   We will apply a code of practice characterised by consistency and equality

- Endeavour

o   We will put our utmost into all that we do and into all that we are

- Mutual respect

o   We will treat each other with courtesy and consideration

These values underpin the work in our school, as well as across our community. The British Values support this and are reflected in our school values.

  • democracy

  • the rule of law

  • individual liberty.

  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Our Vision:

We will:

- have uncompromisingly high standards

- achieve success through pride and ambition

- support learners to be confident, compassionate and curious global citizens, who contribute positively to society and thrive in a rapidly      changing world

- recruit and train ambitious staff to become leaders in their fields, whose practise is data driven and grounded in evidence.