Avon Valley College has a practical uniform which all students in years 7 to 11 are expected to wear at all times. A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students. Uniform helps to promote a sense of belonging within the College and public image outside. A smart appearance is essential in most workplaces. We aim to prepare our students for the world of work. All clothing should be marked for identification.


  • Black pleated school skirt - if worn, must be purchased from SWi (Code 1EA). Side zip and button fastening with stitched down knife pleated

  • or full length black school trousers (not tight fitting, no leggings, jeggings, studded pockets or denim are permitted)

  • AVC Blazer (available on-line)

  • AVC Jumper (optional)

  • White shirt

  • Avon Valley College tie

  • Plain black socks or plain black tights

  • Clean, sensible plain black shoes (no heels or boots)


  • Plain black school trousers (no denim or too tight) - available on-line: Signature Boys Contemporary Trousers – Code 112275 (contemporary cut and fit, with side pockets) / Signature Boys Classic Trousers – Code 112278 (classic smart cut, side pockets). No studded pockets or denim are permitted.

  • AVC Blazer (available on-;line)

  • AVC Jumper (optional)

  • White shirt

  • Avon Valley College tie

  • Plain black socks

  • Clean, sensible plain black shoes (no boots)

Jewellery must not be worn. Nail extensions and nail varnish are not allowed. Studs or sleepers are allowed only in pierced ears – one pair only. Nose studs and other body piercings are not allowed. Hairstyles and make up should not be extreme, i.e. only a style and colour that would be acceptable in the workplace. Additional fashion accessories are not permitted.

Uniform is by definition uniform. Current styles, fashions and trends will not determine or change uniform policy. Please check with the relevant Pastoral Co‐ordinator before allowing your child to have an unconventional hairstyle or body piercing, or purchasing clothing that may not be deemed suitable. The College reserves the right to specify what is or is not acceptable.

Please Note: Trainers (plain, jet black) are not permitted to be worn unless a medical note has been submitted to confirm that no other footwear can be worn.

Boys/Girls PE Kit

  • Navy blue PE shirt (with logo, on-line)

  • Navy shorts (with logo, on-line)

  • Navy skort (with logo, on-line)

  • Navy blue/white socks (with logo, on-line)

  • Football boots

  • Trainers (plain, jet black)

  • Towel/One-piece swimming costume (girls), swimming shorts (boys)

  • Shin pads/gum shields (recommended for safety reasons in hockey, football and rugby).

Uniform is purchased direct from our supplier SWI, by using the link http://www.swidtp.co.uk/. Uniform can be delivered direct to Avon Valley College or direct to your home address.

Download our uniform order form and price list


Please ensure that your son/daughter is appropriately dressed in College uniform and check that they have the following with them:

·         A bag

·         A packed lunch or money for lunch*·     

* Students will not be permitted into lesson without the following pieces of equipment:

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