Transition & Taster Days


When new students arrive at Avon Valley College our priority is to get to know them as individuals. In fact this process begins even before they join us, while they are still in Year 6.

We know that moving between schools can be a stressful experience and that learning can be disrupted as a consequence. We work hard to make the transition process as smooth as possible and our staff visit the school of each student who is offered a place with us. They speak to the teachers and other staff about every single student so that we are aware of all key issues and can plan for them accordingly

Taster Days

All students who have a place with us are invited to spend the day at Avon Valley College in the summer of Year 6 so that they can get to know the staff and current students. The taster day also allows them to familiarise themselves with the buildings and begin to build relationships with other students in their year group from a wide range of schools. 

When students start with us in Year 7, they are supported in understanding their timetable and finding their way around the site. Each student is placed in a tutor group of their peers which helps them to establish and develop relationships with others. 

Students are taught in sets or streams so that they receive the right amount of support and challenge in their learning and are not expected to have had previous experience in any subjects.

We recognise that some students need more support than others with settling in and make sure that that is what they receive, but generally students settle very quickly in the routines and rhythms of life at Avon Valley College.

Taster Days - Year 5

In July we invited Year 5 pupils, their teachers and LSAs from all the local primary schools to attend a Taster Day at Avon Valley College.

We have been organising the Year 5 Taster Days for a number of years now; these Taster Days are an excellent opportunity for the children to experience a day in a secondary school and engage in activities that complement their primary curriculum.

We organise activities in Spanish, art, music and drama, archery and technology.

At the end of Taster Days, we hold a special Open Evening for all parents and students in the area. During the event, the parents of all Year 5 pupils have an opportunity to see some of the work produced by their children during their Taster Days earlier in the week.