Student Executive

The Student Exec is a group that is run by our Student Leadership Team to represent the interests of students and organise events. As part of this role, pupils in the Sixth Form are also encouraged to lead peer-mentoring groups, guiding others in developing skills or academic ability across a number of different areas.

Meet the Student Exec Team

There are 4 members of the student executive team:

“As part of the student executive team our job is to have weekly meetings with the Principal sharing the views of all students within the college. It is great to have this line of communication between the students and the Senior Leadership Team as it gives students a chance to make the changes they want to make in the college.
We try to be a friendly and relatable so that new students feel they can talk to us about any concerns they might have. We are also given specialist training to mentor younger students within the college. We attend Open Evenings and aid in the promotion of the Sixth Form at these and other events.
Being community minded is an important part of life at AV6. That is why we arrange many different events throughout the year to raise awareness and promote various organisations.”

Chloe, Beth, Alisha and Amelia


How to find us.

Recreation Road

Phone: 01980 652 467