Student Support

Happy and secure students learn well. At Avon Valley College we believe that the wellbeing and happiness of all our students are of crucial importance, and we place great emphasis on their pastoral care.

We have developed an experienced team of non-teaching Pastoral and Progress Co-ordinators to support students and liaise with parents, carers and families and staff so that students can focus on their learning. Each tutor also plays a significant role in providing appropriate pastoral care and is the first port of call for any pastoral issues.


For students who need it, we work with school attendance staff from the local authority, we employ a school counsellor, and we are one of many local schools who work with The Bridge (a faith-based organisation that works to support young people). Alongside our experienced care team we have also invested in a dedicated Pastoral Suite where we can ensure that the needs of individual students are met. The pastoral care of all our students is at the heart of the Avon Valley experience.

Specialist support for service families

At Avon Valley College we are very experienced at supporting students from service families. Pastoral care of all students is vitally important to us and we recognise that children of service families often need a particular kind of support due to their increased mobility, and the impact of parental deployment and training.

A significant minority of our students come from service families and we employ many members of staff with similar backgrounds. We work hard to help these new students settle quickly into all year groups, and make sure that their teachers get to know them and understand their particular strengths and areas for development. 

Avon Valley College has been educating the children of service families for decades. Our experience enables us to quickly identify and provide additional support for service children when and where it is needed.