Pupil & Catch-up Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is non-ring fenced funding that schools receive to help support the learning and progress of pupils on free school meals (FSM) or pupils classed as a child looked after (CLA).  It should be noted that we also receive additional funding for our service pupils.  This is Pupil Premium (Service).  The College receives £200 per pupil. 

Aims and objectives

To close the disadvantaged attainment gap by providing additional targeted resources for those students who are in low-income and Service families.

Success Criteria

Targeted additional support strategies resulting in every student, however financially disadvantaged, being able to:

  • Improve their levels of attainment and progress
  • Close attainment gaps relative to school averages
  • Have full access to our curriculum
  • Access our extra-curricular provision

For more information on Pupil Premium please access the Department for Education Website via: http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/pupilsupport/premium 

2017-2018 Income and Expenditure

In 2017-2018 Avon Valley College will receive £193 890 for Pupil Premium learners.

£105,880 (Service families), £121,290 (Free School Meals) £12 000 (Adopted from Care)

See tables below for more details


Students Concerned




Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Pixl Wave for Maths, English and Science

Year 11 PPD

Supports assessment and tracking of students

£ 300

Targeted LSA Intervention

Target Students Year 7-11

Focused LSA support in all subjects to work with students who have a significant attainment gap. LSA delivery of Power of Two, Reading programme.

Targeted teaching support of students

£27,462 x 2 = £54,924

Curriculum Resources Revision Books

All PPD Students YR 7-13

Fully funded reslurces for the curriculum examples including (although not exhaustive):

Revision Guides Art Sketch Books Food Technology Ingredients

All students access curriculum equipment

£ 5,000


Year 10 & 11 PPD

Revision and Homework in Science

Independent learning for students

£ 1,200

My Maths

All PPD Students YR 7-13

Homework for Students in Maths

Independent learning for students

£ 600

Taasamoi Science App

Year 11 Students, Disadvantated & HMF

Classwork, Revision & Homework for Year 11

Independent learning for students and lesson support

£ 1,400

My Maths

YR 11 Students, Disadvantaged & HMF

Minibus to transport students home to increase attendance at revsion sessions

£ 4,025 Driver & Fuel Costs

Students Personal Development


Students Concerned




Bath Spa Careers activities for PP Students to raise aspirations. Visit also to Bath Spa University

PPD Years 7-10

Raising student aspirations and introducing university as a career progression.

Raising aspirations of students

£ 1,000

WIN Project

WIN Project, a Wiltshire initiative to support PPd students. Offers free access to careers pilot and sessions to support underachieving students. Students capable fo getting good results but are at risk of doing nothing - selected by postcode

Raising aspirations of students

£ 300

WON Project

WON Project (Western Outreach Network) or PPD Students

Raising aspirations

£ 300

Independent Careers Advisor

All Year Groups 7-13

Careers interviews for students, specialist careers advice

£ 6,426

Business Mentor Scheme

All Year Groups 7-13

1:1 business mentor sessions for students, administration time, careers coordinator

£ 1,404

Class Charts

PPD Years 7-11

Programme to generate seating plans where PPD students can be strategically placed in the classroom, to support learning

£ 1,000

All PPD Students 7-13

Priority appointments for PPD students

Emotional Support


EWO Support

All PPD Students 7-13

Priroty referrals to PPD Students

£ 3,000

Pastoral Support

All PPD Students 7-13

The Pastoral manager supports the wellbeing of PPD students

£ 70

Duke of Edinburgh Fees

All PPD Students who apply

Personal Development

£ 100

VLE Homework Module

All PPD Students 7-13

To support the homework and learning of students and support orgnaisation

Increased Independence

£ 700

Staff Training and Wider Development


Students Concerned




PIXL Training

All PPD Students in Year Groups 7-13

Membership to PIXL including training for senior and middle leaders

Teaching and learning strategies and latest educational developments

£ 4,000

PIXL Conference for individual subjects

All Students in Year Groups 7-13

CPD Teacher

Latest development for each subject

£ 1,500

Leadership and Management


Students Concerned




KS3, Ks4, KS5 Coordinators, Pastoral Support

All PPD Students Year 7-13

A major focus for the progress leaders in the proactive work with disadvantaged learners, tracking progress, attendance and removing barriers to learning; including, through emotional and social support, priority progress.

Support to remove barriers to learning


Catch-up Premium

In 2017-2018 AVC will receive £17 500 in catch up premium:

8 Pupils English and Mathematics
6 Pupils English
13 Pupils Mathematics

Key aims and objectives

  • To improve the outcomes of Year 7 pupils who arrive below level 4

Success criteria

Targeted additional support strategies resulting in every student making accelerated progress in English and Mathematics


Pupils involved




Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Additional Literacy Class

Year 7 whose prior attainment in English is below level 4

2.5 hours per week additional teaching by SENCo delivering reading and literacy programme

Improve English attainment

£12 500


Year 7 whose prior attainment on entry is 3.7 – 4.3

4:1 delivery

4 members of staff trained (2 English and 2 LSA)

Bespoke programme of reading and spelling recovery

See outcomes spreadsheet for STFR average improvement of 18 months maintained over time


£10 000

Part funded by PP

£4500 Catchup

Power of Two/Multiplication Tables

Year 7

Registration teaching of Power of Two/Multiplication tables