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Product Design A Level

D&T Product Design allow students to explore CAD modelling, drawing and presentation techniques and has an integral 3D element involving model making and use of workshop machinery.

+ Course details and future career paths

First Year

Students explore product design in its widest sense, through coursework projects and theoretical knowledge. Subjects covered during the Product Design coursework include iterative design, technical illustration and high level design sketching with a focus on industrial and commercial practices to understand materials and manufacturing techniques. The use of industry standard computer graphics packages and CAD software is included in the course, alongside more traditional skills such as rendering, marker pen work and presentation. 3D modelling is integrated with 2D graphic techniques to produce students with outstanding skills. Integral to the course is the iterative design process. Students are encouraged to become independent learners and will gain an understanding of, and simulate the work of professional designers in their project work.

Second Year

A focus on implementing the skills learnt in the first year will lead to high quality coursework outcomes. A folder of work will lead to a quality prototype model and work suitable for portfolios.

Unit 1- Principles of Product Design- Exam 26.7%

Unit 2- Problem Solving- Exam 23.3%

Unit 3- Iterative Design Project- Coursework 50%

+ Progression

On successful completion of these courses, and depending on other A-level subjects taken, students can develop their studies through a range of Higher Education courses. These include: Industrial Design, Product Design, Arts Foundation, 2D and 3D degree courses, architecture, interior design and CAD/CAM based manufacturing courses.


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