At Avon Valley College we recognise that pupils learn best when they are in an orderly, caring environment that is both stimulating and challenging.

AVC is a smaller than average secondary academy with a 6th Form, right at the heart of its community. 

As a small academy, we can ensure that every pupil is treated as an individual, who is supported through their time in school from Year 7 to Year 13; we know our pupils well and support them to reach their full potential.

Our ethos is centred on all members of our community being valued and respected; every child has potential that needs to be discovered, nurtured and developed.

At AVC every student is recognised for their strengths and their potential. Our dedicated staff personalise the curriculum to get the most out of students, and our non-teaching pastoral support workers support students with each key stage.

We make sure to celebrate students’ successes and achievements whatever their talents or aspirations, and we are working hard to become a caring academy which sets very high academic standards in a disciplined environment.

We are focusing on improving teaching and learning so that students’ outcomes are the best they can be. We are designing a curriculum that equips students with the tools to successfully move to the next stage of their future journey – whether that’s further or higher education, apprenticeship or employment.

Juliette Baldwin, Acting Principal