“At Salisbury Plain Academies, our mission is to transform life chances for children within the centres of educational excellence”.

 Thank you for considering Avon Valley College (AVC) as the secondary school for your child. AVC is a founder member of Salisbury Plain Academies. I hope this website gives you a flavour of our school, our community, and our unwavering commitment to our students.

I am proud and excited to begin my third year as Principal of Avon Valley College. After achieving the best set of GCSE results in five years – moving us up hundreds of places in the school performance tables – and receiving an increasing number of applications to join the school over the past few months, this has been a remarkable year for Avon Valley College. In February 2020, we will have an 18-classroom state-of-the-art new block for the sixth form, computing, maths and the expressive arts. This is the first phase of Wiltshire’s ambitious redevelopment plans and enhancement plans for the school.

At Salisbury Plain Academies, our mission is to transform life chances for children within the centres of educational excellence. This mission is supported by my belief that all children can and will succeed, as long as we live by our values. At AVC, these values of honesty, endeavour, fairness, and mutual respect underpin all of our strategies to drive AVC toward its bright and exciting future. Through our relentless drive toward raising standards, our research-based approach to teaching and learning, and by encouraging enjoyment in learning, we enable students to achieve far beyond preconceived limits.  

We recognise and understand the importance of cultural capital in education, and we therefore constantly look for opportunities to enhance the curriculum to broaden perspectives and add context and depth to understanding. We seek to build resilience through carefully structured progression of skills and concepts so students learn to relish challenge and face obstacles fearlessly.

As a father of two, I know that the key to success is for children and young adults to feel safe and cared for, to have self-confidence, and to feel a sense of belonging. From this platform, we teach students strategies to manage their own learning and set themselves ambitious yet achievable goals. The overarching goal at AVC is to help our students to become fully contributing citizens to society and to be happy members of our community.

Sam Johnston, Principal