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Photography A Level

Photography at AV6  is aimed at anyone with a keen interest in photography and lens based media. A wide range of facilities exist that will allow an in depth exploration of processes and techniques.

+ Course details and future career paths

Each student will be encouraged to produce practical and critical/contextual work in one or more areas including:

  • Portraiture
  • Landscape photography
  • Still-life photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Photo-journalism
  • Experimental imagery
  • Photographic installation
  • Video, television and film

First Year

During the first year of the A-level you will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with several different methods of image making. These vary from 160 year old processes of traditional photography, to contemporary digital photography. This year is about building up your skills and being able to truly enjoy and understand the magic of photography. There are internal deadlines and assessments, but there are no exams in the first year. Progression onto the second year is based on your performance in the first year.

Second Year

This year is where you use the skills and areas of interest developed in the first year, and apply them to 2 units to meet the exam board criteria / marking:

Unit 1 - Personal investigation

You will produce two elements:

(i) Portfolio of Practical Work showing your personal response to either a starting point, brief, scenario or stimulus, devised and provided by yourself or your teacher. This means that you can choose the topic that you want to do.

(ii) Related Written Study: a minimum of 1000 words response to your chosen topic.

Unit 2 - Externally set task

The exam board will release the Exam papers on the 1st February and will provide you with a number of themes, each with a range of written and visual starting points, briefs and stimuli. You will then produce a project based on one of these that you choose. In preparation for the exam you will produce back-up work and the exam is simply a practical session to produce your final pieces.

+ Progression

The full A-level in Photography provides a sound basis if you wish to proceed to Higher Education, as well as being a useful background to any career within the photographic field.


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