We are delighted with the wealth of positive comments identified within our most recent Ofsted report (June 2019):

Please see below extracts from the report relating to students:

•“Pupils are safe, well looked after and cared for. They enjoy coming to school and attend regularly.”

•“Pupils are proud of their school and the atmosphere is calm and orderly. They are polite and welcoming towards visitors.”

•“Pupils say that they feel listened to and that their points of view matter.”

•“Around the school, pupils hold doors open for each other and greet staff with a smile.”

Please see below extracts from the report relating to staff:

•“The school has a positive and motivated teaching staff. Responses to the online survey of staff opinion indicate that morale is high.”

•“Teaching is now improving rapidly as a result of the support from leaders and the many opportunities teachers now have to improve their practice.”

•“Pupils’ personal development is good. The pastoral support provided by the school is a clear strength.”

•“Discussions with pupils and responses from parents identify that bullying is rare, and that staff deal with it effectively.”

•“There is strong support for the principal and his leadership team.”

Please see below extracts from the report relating to the leadership team:

•“Pupils and staff are unanimous in their praise for the help, support and guidance they receive when they need it.”

•“The principal is acutely aware that pupils should be making better progress overall. Building on improvements made last year, such as higher rates of attendance and much better behaviour, he is taking decisive action to raise standards”

•“The leadership team has put in place a comprehensive plan to bring about improvements.”

•“Pupils say behaviour has ‘improved massively’ since the principal was appointed. They enjoy the new sense of calm and order around the school, and they appreciate the high levels of staff supervision at breaktimes and lunchtimes.”

•“The principal is resolute and determined to provide the highest quality of education for pupils at the school. He has the strong support of governors, staff and pupils.”

•“Governors have a good understanding of the school’s context and the community in which it is located. They are committed to the school’s ethos and values, and they are justly proud of its improving reputation in the area.”

We and Ofsted have every confidence that ALL aspects of our school will be judged at least Good at our next inspection point. Outcomes will continue to improve rapidly through our continued investment in the quality of teaching and learning and the relentless drive toward raising standards.

We have come a long way in our rapid improvement journey since September 2017, however, with historical outcomes well below average, the best Ofsted inspection outcome that could have been expected was Requires Improvement. We will use this as an even greater incentive to prove we are a GREAT school at Ofsted’s next inspection, which we are eagerly anticipating within the next two years.

Please read the full report HERE

For further details relating to Ofsted, please see: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofsted.