Democracy Week

Avon Valley College held a ‘Democracy Week’ last week, during which students found out in tutor time about how our political system works and the key elements of a democratic society. Students completed activities around this theme during the week.

Mr Owen and Ms Butterworth also gave an assembly on the Brexit debate – which prompted some lively discussion! Students who attended the assembly were asked to vote Remain or Leave – the results are now in, and were conclusive! 70% of students voted Remain, 30% Leave. Students engaged really well with this theme, and it has been great to see political discussion taking place in tutor groups and around school. The AVC result was much more clear-cut than the original referendum!

Some students were asked to give reasons for their votes…

“I voted Remain because I want to be able to work and travel easily in Europe in the future” (Year 10 student)

“I voted Leave because I want the UK to be able to decide its own laws” (Year 7 student)

“I voted Remain because I want Britain to be a welcoming country” (Year 11 student)

“I voted Leave because I want more money for our country” (Year 7 student)