Sports Awards at AVC

Students from Avon Valley College, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, celebrated their sporting achievements recently at their fourth annual PE awards.

Students from all year groups were awarded their club colours, half and full colour ties for service to the PE department, representing the county or breaking a Sports Day record. 

There were also individual awards for the different sports the school offers as well as special awards sponsored by Haines and Smith Charitable Trust; Para Athlete, Top Volunteer, Most Committed to Extra Curricular club and Sports Personality. The winners of these were voted for by the staff and students at AVC. The winner of the last award, Overall Sports Personality, sponsored by Lifestyle Fitness was decided by the PE staff. 

After the awards everyone danced the night away thanks to Disco Dion. 

“Thank you to our other sponsors who allowed us to put on such a celebration of sport: Vintage Retro today, Hook’s Haulage, Sim’s Catering, Roasts 2U, The Little Flower Shop, Harding's Residential Lettings, Rangers, Simon Colligan, Bits and Pieces and Durrington Working Men's club,” said PE teacher, Collette Harries. 

Award Winners

Players Players / Coaches Players for 

Netball—Aimee Tudor, Sovaia Nayacakalou, Jazz Hill, Stacey King and Tia Featherstone, Linsey Allen, Adi Faha, Georgia Whittaker 

Football—Corbain Perry, Will Waterson, Owen davies, Brad Waters, Tyler Tedds, Tom Plank, Frasier Hicks, Brad Waters, Molly Sumner


Girl—Jasmine Spencer 

Boy—Jake meek


Girl—Jasmine Spencer 

Boy—Marc Rogers 

Cross Country 

Girl—Jasmine Edwards 

Boy—Rory Cameron


Girl—Lilia Gonda 

Boy—Matthew Young 

Top Gymnast—Jess Long 

Top Trampolinist—Molly Grant


Tru Baker, Bronmen Madeiros, Erin Gallagher 

Top Para Athlete—Josh Clark 

Most committed to Extra Curricular 

Boy—Tyler Tedds 

Girl—Jasmin Edwards

Best Team

Girls X Country—Molly, Molly, Sydney, Ellie and Jasmin 

Boys KS3 Badminton—Matthew, Charlie, Charlie, Archie

Top Volunteer

Boy - Ben Gazzard 

Girl - Skye Money

Sports personality year

7– Rory Cameron 

8- Jasmine Spencer 

9– Ben Gazzard 

10– Jake Meek

Overall Sports personality - Jake Meek 


Full Colours

Dillon Grant, Tia Featherstone, Stacey King, Jamie McNulty, Curtis Meredith, Jake Meek, Ben Gazzard, Jack Stevens 


Rory Cameron, Molly Sumner, Brodie Trayhorn, Jake Meek, Jasmin Edwards, Archie Sheppard 

Half Colours

Skye Money, Erin Gallagher, Heidi Burkwood, Elizabeth Callaghan, Matthew Young, Charlie Sheppard, Megan Smith, Jazz Hill, James Norris, James Cook, Jess Vallis, Sophie Hook, Timothy Ajagunna, Morgan Harvey, Georgia Whittaker, Ciaran Foley 

Sports Day Records

Morgan Harvey, Frasier Hicks, Marc Rogers, Catlin Smallwood, Eleanor Flower

Club Colours 


Tyler Tedds, Taylor Jewell, Rory Cameron, Molly Grant, Sydney Pike, Ben Gazzard, Jasmine Edwards, Ellie Marston


Molly Grant, Ellie Marston, Archie Sheppard, Dillon Ryfcroft, Philip Limbu, Lilla Gonda, Cory Hibbard


Megan Smith, Emilie Henderson


Caitlin Corbett, Aimee Tudor, Paige Fowler, Ella Tudgay, Nicole Thompson, Rosie Read, Jasmine Spencer, Aimee Marsh, 

Sneha Gurung, Lucy Harding


Rory Cameron, Taylor Jewel, Trevor Warom, Tyler Tedds, Callum Appleby, Tyler Andrews, Will Waterson, Tom Plank, 

Malachi Johnson, Matt Sweeting, Devon Clements, Owen Davies, Kyran Smalley, James Norris, Tim Ajaguna, Ciaran Foley, Reece Lightbody


Marc Rogers 


Alicia-Marie Harvey, Keris Lightbody, Elizabeth Thompson, Paige Fowler, Ella Tudgay

Sports Day Records

Eleanor Flower 

Gaining the Year 7 Girls Long Jump record 

4.16 metres 



Marc Rogers 

Gaining the Year 8 Boys 200m and 400m record 

26.07 seconds and 1.01.40 


Year 7 Boys 100m and 200m record 

13.4 Seconds and 28.19 Seconds 



Catlin Smallwood 

Gaining the Year 8 Girls 100m 

13.69 seconds 



Morgan Harvey 

Gaining the Year 7 and 8 Boys 400m record 

in a time of 1.09.15 and 1.03.15 

2015 and 2016 


Frasier Hicks 

Gaining the Year 7 and 8 Boys 400m record 

in a time of 1.09.15 and 1.03.15 

2015 and 2016