AVC's inclusive basketball

Avon Valley College (AVC) played host to an Inclusive Zone Basketball (IZB) Wheelchair coaching/festival day recently.

IZB is a four- a-side game, developed to enable players who cannot participate in a full game of basketball to enjoy playing the game. The zones used enable players to be matched in their abilities within these zones.

The small-sided teams and adapted playing area enable girls and boys, both disabled and non-disabled, to participate in a fun game of basketball.

The game takes into account principles of the ‘Social Model’ of disability, and lends itself to the modified and parallel sections of the ‘Inclusion Spectrum’

The game links many of the strands of the National Curriculum for Physical Education, ‘games activities’, Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4, and provides cross-curricular links with Science, PSHE and Citizenship, Literacy and Numeracy. 

Students who took part, along with two teams from St Edmund’s Girls’ School, were chosen from Key Stage 3 and had been attending the lunchtime basketball club on a regular basis. The first part of the day was split into four coaching stations, using the chair, passing, dribbling and shooting. In the afternoon the teams played a round robin competition just for fun.

“I want to say thank you to the Amesbury Area Board. AVC managed to secure funding to purchase 10 wheelchairs. The students gained confidence and built their self- esteem from taking part, the students also had to work with other students from St Edmund’s during the coaching sessions,” said PE Teacher, Collette Harries.

AVC students who took part were:

Charlotte Durban

Archie Shepard

George Sheppard

Rosie Read

Seth Edmunds

Callum Loader

Ashley Bridge

Tom Harding

Molly Sunmer

Louis Norris

Tommy Lee Plaston

Josh Mercer

Mikkala Massey