In the swim!

Sports leaders from Avon Valley College hosted the recent School Games Level 2 Swimming Gala at Durrington Swimming and Fitness Centre.

Students from Years 9 and 10 started and timed the races, judged the take-overs and finishes, and looked after the scoring. These students were Adam, Curtis, Jordan, Jamie, Jake, Stacey, Jade, Tia, Dillon, Heidi, Erin, Elizabeth, Jack, Ben, Louis, Charlie, James and James C.

 “Our sports leaders learnt a lot at this event,” said PE teacher, Collette Harries. “They communicated with different people, organised and officiated the event. They were also role models to the younger pupils. The students felt that running the gala gave them a great sense of achievement which will help build on their self-esteem and confidence.”

The gala was for Year 5 and 6 students from local primary schools, the events included 25m freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke individual events as well as freestyle and medley relays, and a canon.

The points from each race were added together to give an overall total.

For some primary school children, this was the first gala they had ever competed in.

The results of the gala were:

1st Ramsbury                       110 points

2nd Durrington Jrs                71 points

3rd Larkhill                            64 points

4th Bulford                            55 points

5th Oare                                44 points               

6th Figheldean                      43 points