Students on the ball!

AVC students proved they are really on the ball when they took part in a Boccia Festival.

Year 9 students Georgia Whittaker, Sky Money, Jazz Hill, Sophie Hook and Megan Smith travelled to Durrington Junior School to take part in the festival for SEND pupils in KS2.

The festival was open to all of the surrounding primary schools but only Durrington Junior School entered so AVC took the festival to them allowing all 42 SEND pupils to take part.

Each festival team had three players, each with two balls. Their aim was to get their ball as close to the jack as possible.  Playing in a round robin competition, each game consisted of two rounds with medals awarded to the winning teams from each session.

Some of those taking part were playing Boccia for the first time.  The game is thought to have started in Greece with competitors tossing large stones at a stone target but it has now developed into a game played by many fromrecreational level up to the Paralympics.

There was particular praise for the year 9 sports leaders who organised the teams, explained the game, officiated and scored.

"They did a fantastic job! The students get to build on all sorts of skills when they take part in events like this; communicating with different age groups, working as a team, making decisions, building their confidence, taking responsibility and being a role model." said AVC PE teacher, Collette Harries afterwards.