Parent & Student Views


Parent survey

A recent parent survey was carried out in March 2019.

Percentage of parents who agree or strongly agree with the following statements are:

My child is happy at this school 90%

My child makes good progress at this school 90%

My child is taught well at this school 93%

I would strongly recommend this school to another parent 84%

Student views


“Getting to know people has been really easy. People are really nice and everyone is friendly. Teachers always help me when I need it. I am so pleased that we picked Avon Valley College”


“It is great here at Avon Valley College. I have only been here for three days. The teachers really care and my tutor is lovely I have made so many friends already and really am enjoying school.”


“On the very first day of being at Avon Valley College, I felt like I had been here ages. Mrs. Weyers checks on me every day, first thing in the morning to see if I am ok and that makes me feel like they care. I have friends that live near me and some that don’t. I like coming to school and feel like I belong here.”


“Students are really nice at Avon Valley College. This was my first ever move of school and I feel like I have been here since the start. I was so scared that students wouldn’t make me feel welcome, but they made me feel more welcome than I thought possible.”


“It’s really nice here. All the students are kind and helpful and make you feel like you are part of the school straight away. I was so worried about coming to another school and now know that there was no need to worry. It is the bes!t”