Exam Information



It is the aim of Avon Valley College to make the examination experience as successful and stress-free as possible for all candidates.

Examination Boards lay down very strict criteria which has to be followed for the entry into and conduct of examinations and Avon Valley College is required to follow them precisely. Please download the .pdfs below for more information.

Avon Valley’s Exams Officer, is Mrs M Toomer. Mrs M Toomer is a non-teaching member of staff who submits exam entries, organises timetables, oversees the exams themselves and processes results.

If you have any queries please contact  Mrs M Toomer, tel: 01980 652467 or via email at exams@avonvallecollege.org.uk

Exam certificates:  Certificates are now available for collection for the Summer 2018 exam series.  You should ensure that all certificates are kept in a safe location as you will have to contact exam boards for any replacement certificates and you will be liable for the costs.

Please note that exam certificates will only be kept for three years and after then they are destroyed.  You will need to contact the exam boards for a new copy of your certificates and they will charge you for this.

Access arrangements: The Exams Office and our Special Educational Needs Department in the Skills Centre work closely together to ensure that students who have been identified as having special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries are able access all areas of examinations and controlled assessments in order to achieve their full potential.  If you feel that your child could benefit from this then please get in contact by emailing: exams@avonvalleycollege.org.uk