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By Cllr Graham Wright

Avon Valley College (AVC) has been granted planning permission for a two phase extension to the existing college.  This extension is welcomed and the design and use is not an issue but Wiltshire Cllr Graham Wright, the Town Council and residents on route had concerns about how construction traffic would get safely from the chosen route, which is from the A345 to AVC via Hackthorne Road, Church Street and The Ham.

Cllr Graham Wright and the Town Council invited residents on route to join a steering group with the task of highlighting all safety issues to include any potential damage to houses, roads, vehicles and pedestrians.  Full consideration was taken to try and make the construction phase as painless as is possible.    

The Residents Steering Group met for the 2nd time on 12th December with Wiltshire Council Project Manager Anthony Dixon and the Avon Valley Principal Sam Johnston.  A list of concerns raised by the steering group were addressed and Anthony Dixon had prepared a presentation which clearly answered all the queries.  Sam Johnston gave full assurances that AVC would communicate with Parents, Teachers and Students to make sure that The Ham was not used as a through route to AVC.  He explained that extra parking for staff will be provided at the South entrance to AVC.

As your Wiltshire Councillor, I believe that so far, we have highlighted all major concerns and actions are in place to reduce the impact of the extension to Durrington as a whole.

The steering group were 100% happy with the outcome and are scheduled to meet the contractor in January/February so that they can cement positive relationships.  

For full transparency the Steering Group Notes and The Presentation are located on AVC web site  

Article By Cllr Graham Wright


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