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Mathematics A Level

The Linear mathematics A-level will comprise a combination of pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics.

An essential part of maths is the challenge of analysing and solving a problem and the satisfaction and confidence gained from achieving a ‘correct’ answer. However, a big difference between GCSE and A Level is the depth of knowledge and understanding needed.  If you like understanding why, rather than just being able to “do” maths then A Level is for you; there are a much smaller number of topics than at GCSE so your depth of knowledge and understanding is tested.

+ Course details and future career paths

The A level course lasts for 2 years with all exams taken at the end of the second year. Students receive 4 lessons each week and additional work is done out of lesson, some of this using “MyMaths”, some producing worked solutions to exam-type questions.

The course develops understanding of:

  • The fundamental theories and concepts of Mathematics
  • The practical applications of Mathematics to other areas
  • Logical problem solving

The new A Level Mathematics syllabus is completely prescribed and the content is the same for each examination board. All external examinations are taken at the end of the 2 year course.

The course is made up of a combination of pure and applied Mathematics. The pure Maths content build on the algebra, graphs and trigonometry from GCSE, and introduce new topics such as calculus and exponentials. While many of the ideas you will meet in pure maths are interesting in their own right, they also serve as an important foundation for other branches of maths, especially mechanics and statistics.

The applied content covers;

  • Mechanics including work on forces and Newton’s laws of motion and applies Mathematical modelling to simple problems.
  • Statistics builds on work on averages and probabilities from GCSE and introduces topics such as probability distributions and correlation.

+ Progression

This course enables students to progress onto the university to study Mathematics, Computing, Sciences, Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Economics, Law, Medicine and Education.


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