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Law BTEC Level 3

Law involves analysing a wide range of issues and problems. It is a vibrant and exciting subject. It helps you to be self-confident in dealing with issues, disputes and other people. You will study specific areas of English law in detail and you will develop excellent, and transferable, analytical skills.

+ Course details and future career paths

Unit 1 – Dispute Solving in the Legal System

  • Understand the hierarchy of the court system
  • Understand the roles undertaken by the personnel of the courts
  • Know about the alternatives to the courts
  • Know about the finance of advice and representation

Unit 2 – Understanding Law Making

  • Understand how legal rules are created by precedent
  • Understand how statutory rules are made
  • Know how statutes are interpreted
  • Know the importance of the European legislative process and its institutions

Unit 3 – Aspects of Legal Liability

  • Understand the impact of the law of negligence
  • Know the rules on damages
  • Understand the elements of a crime
  • Know the aims of sentencing

Unit 4 – Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers

  • Be able to apply the law on murder
  • Understand the law on voluntary manslaughter
  • Understand the law on involuntary manslaughter
  • Know the regulations regarding the detention of suspected offenders

Unit 8 – Aspects of the Law of Tort

  • Know the elements of the law on liability for economic loss and negligent misstatements
  • Be able to apply the law on negligence for psychiatric harm
  • Be able to apply the law on negligence for occupiers’ liability
  • Know the law on private nuisance

Unit 10 – Aspects of Family Law

  • Understand the legal obligations of relationships
  • Be able to apply the law on cessation of relationships
  • Know the law relating to children
  • Understand the law on maintenance

+ Progression

The skills and knowledge acquired through studying this course provide a sound basis if you wish to progress to a degree in Law or most other degrees including Business Studies, Criminology and Accountancy.

It is also a useful qualification if you will be seeking employment as a legal executive, legal secretary, police officer, journalist, social worker, civil servant, insurance broker or customer services.


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