Please see our new homework module, which is available for all students as from Monday 23rd April 2018.

Homework is an essential element for the development of young people at Avon Valley College.  The aim of homework is to encourage students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own. It also develops our culture and ‘work ethic’ by encouraging learning outside the classroom.

The nature and frequency of homework will vary according to all Key stages and with each subject.  It is not appropriate, therefore, to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  In each of the Key Stages, faculty areas will decide on the nature and purpose of homework within their area of the curriculum and will adopt a wide range of approaches.

We expect students to:

•    Write down their homework in their link books, noting the date it is due.

Set aside enough time to complete their home learning to the best of their ability, preferably as soon after it is set as possible.

•    Complete their homework in an appropriate environment for study, away from distractions.

•    Hand in their homework on the day it is due, or to the teacher as soon after as possible if they are absent on the day.

We expect teaching staff to:

•    Set homework, in line with their faculty’s policy and regularly, mark it promptly with comments and targets that will help pupils and students progress if acted upon.

•    Set meaningful homework activities that will help students build connections between what they have learned in individual lessons.

•    Set activities that are differentiated, inclusive, appropriate, challenging, and which vary in type and style.

•    Sanction pupils who fail to complete home based learning adequately or who fail to hand it in on time 

We expect parents to:

•    Check link books every week and assist their child with planning and organising their homework

•    Provide their child with a suitable learning environment in which to complete their homework, without distractions.

•    Look at their child‘s exercise books and support their child‘s learning by helping them to act on the comments and targets provided by staff.

For more information on our approach to homework please download our Homework Policy