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independent study

Reviews by the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF) have found that homework has a positive effect of up to 5 months’ extra progress for students – with an optimum amount of homework being between one and two hours a night.  Homework in the studies include any work independently undertaken.

Parents often feel unable to support their children in completing and understanding homework.

At Avon Valley we have introduced Independent study.  This is an amount of work that students should complete every day.  Students can complete the work at home or at school and will be given the necessary tools to complete the work.

Independent Study expectations

Students should complete an hour’s independent study a night.  The majority of this will be self-quizzing.  It is expected that students will fill one side of their independent study exercise book each evening, learning a small part of the knowledge organizer from each subject they have had that day. 

For maths and science students might be asked to complete Kerboodle or Hegarty tasks instead.  If that is the case the work will be on INSIGHT.  Where these tasks are set on line there would be no need for the student to self-quiz that night.

Students are also expected to read their own choice of book every evening.

Organisation of independent study

  • Self-quizzing Independent Study will be set by the class teachers every lesson and will be completed in the independent study exercise book.

  • ·Independent Study Club is available every day before and after school in the LRC.  Here students can borrow a book to read, can access the online sites and can find somewhere quiet to sit to self-quiz.

·         Independent Study will be checked in morning registration

In addtion to the one page expecation for all students, Key Stage 4 students will also be expected to do subject specific tasks, e.g. completing an exam question.

This new policy may represent a change in the way your child approaches Independent Study.  They will need to be setting aside about an hour every evening and sitting somewhere undisturbed.  Your child will need to do Independent Study the night it is set and must remember to bring it into school.  We are making this as easy as we can by providing all the information in one Knowledge Organiser and asking for all self-quizzing to be in one exercise book.

Watch the video on self quizzing Independent Study here

Slides describing the expectations are here

How you can help

You can help your child by ensuring they have somewhere quiet to work, by reminding them to pack their Knowledge Organiser and Independent Study book in their bag and by encouraging them to come to Independent Study club if that is what is right for your child.


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