Purposes of homework

Homework provides students with guided study outside of the timetabled curriculum.  It allows them the opportunity to become independent learners and to develop skills vital to further study and to work.

Frequency of homework

  • Key Stage 3: 30 mins/week per subject in core subjects (per fortnight in non-core subjects)

  • Key Stage 4: 60 mins/week per subject

  • Key Stage 5: 2 – 3 hours/week per subject

Homework must directly contribute to performance in assessments. Forms include:

continuing or completing a task from the lesson

·         researching/investigating topics in preparation for the next lesson

·         completing online self-marking tasks

·         revising for assessments

When homework is set, students will be given details of appropriate resources to support its completion.

How is homework set?

Teachers will tell students in the lesson what has been set for homework and when it is due to be handed in. Students should write this in their planner.  In addition, teachers will set the homework on INSIGHT.  This will include any necessary resources.  Students can login to INSIGHT at avcinsight.oakfordremote.com and check their homework.  To login, students use their standard school login and password. Where students do not have internet access at home, alternative arrangements should be made.

Where homework is not completed on time to a satisfactory standard, students will be required to redo the work, possibly in a detention.

If students are absent from school when the homework is set, they are still expected to complete and hand in the work.

Homework help

Where students require help with homework in school, they can complete homework at lunch time in the LRC. In addition, there is a homework club after school.

For more detail of help in individual subjects, please see our Homework Help Guide.