Homework is an essential element for the development of young people at Avon Valley College.  The aim of homework is to encourage students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own. It also develops our culture and ‘work ethic’ by encouraging learning outside the classroom.

At KS3 students should expect to receive 30 minutes of homework a week from subjects where they have at least five lessons a week and every two weeks for other subjects.

At KS4 students should expect to receive 60 minutes of homework a week from each subject

At KS5 students should expect to receive 2 -3 hours per week, per subject.

All home work should be accessible from Ember and in the students’ link books.

We expect students to:

•    Write down their homework in their link books, noting the date it is due.

Set aside enough time to complete their home learning to the best of their ability, preferably as soon after it is set as possible.

•    Complete their homework in an appropriate environment for study, away from distractions.

•    Hand in their homework on the day it is due, or to the teacher as soon after as possible if they are absent on the day.

Students are expected to complete homework even if they are absent on the day it is set.

We expect teaching staff to:

•    Set homework, in line with their faculty’s policy and regularly, mark it promptly with comments and targets that will help pupils and students progress if acted upon.

•    Set meaningful homework activities that will help students build connections between what they have learned in individual lessons.

•    Set activities that are differentiated, inclusive, appropriate, challenging, and which vary in type and style.

•    Sanction pupils who fail to complete home based learning adequately or who fail to hand it in on time 

We expect parents to:

•    Check link books every week and assist their child with planning and organising their homework

•    Provide their child with a suitable learning environment in which to complete their homework, without distractions.

•    Look at their child‘s exercise books and support their child‘s learning by helping them to act on the comments and targets provided by staff.

For more information on our approach to homework please download our Homework Policy

Some often used websites for homework


Our own homework module Ember is where students should find all of their homework set.  To access it, please click this link below. Students should log in with their school email address and password.  Although we can tell you the email address for your child they have set their own password. Please see: Ember.

Below are the details for sites where homework is commonly set.  Individual logins and passwords should be in your child’s planner.  They should contact their teacher if they have a problem.


Some science homework is set on www.kerboodle.com. Students usernames are their initial followed by their surname e.g. JSmith. Students with same usernames as others may have a ‘1’ after their username e.g JSmith1. Students should have their password and institution code written in their link books Once into kerboodle students can access Activate (year 7 and 8) or GCSE 9-1 (year 9-11). All topics are on the left hand side of the screen so students will need to scroll down to find the appropriate topics they are studying.

Year 7 - Activate 1

Year 8 - Activate 2

Years 9-11 Combined Trilogy Science Biology, Chemistry and physics)


All of the websites below can be used by students to consolidate learning and to revise independently.  As well as being used for homework, work can be accessed by the students without being set.

MyMaths (www.mymaths.co.uk)

There is a school login and an additional 2nd level personal login, which students should know.  If not then they should ask their maths teacher.

MyMaths has ‘Lessons’ and ‘Online Homeworks’ for every area of the Maths curriculum.  The main username and password will allow you to access all the lessons and online homeworks.  The 2nd level login will keep track of your scores on each task that is attempted and allow you to access specific tasks set by the class teacher.  Use the library option or the search bar to find tasks on particular content.  Each task has a grade indicator to help you choose appropriate tasks.  G3 would mean that the content is around a grade 3 for a year 11 student.

Hegarty Maths (www.hegartymaths.com)

The students are enrolled on Hegarty Maths.  The first time they log in they will need to put in their school, name and date of birth and then set a password.  If they forget it their password then their teacher will be able to reset it.   Hegarty Maths is a searchable set of videos explaining every concept that they will need to cover during the secondary school maths.  There are also questions, or a ‘Quiz’, associated with each clip and building blocks if more support is required.

Once students have completed some questions there is also the option to complete ‘Fix up 5’ tasks, which revisits questions that they have previously answered incorrectly.  This is an invaluable resource that when used correctly can have a massive impact on achievement.

TT RockStars (www.ttrockstars.com)

This is an engaging way to ensure students know their tables and can recall them quickly and accurately.  Students will be given their usernames and passwwords by their teacher.