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History A Level

This A-level focuses on Modern British, European and World History spanning a period of over 200 years.

You will sit AS exams at the end of year 1 and final exams at the end of year 2.

This exciting course offers a real insight into the development of Modern Post-War Britain and Europe as well as looking at some of the most infamous people and events in History.


+ Course details and future career paths

Year 1 (AS)

Britain 1930-1997 inc. Churchill Depth Study 1920-1945

Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1918-1963

Year 2 (A2)

The Changing Nature of Warfare 1792-1945

Independent Essay (Coursework): Russia, from the Tsars to the end of the Soviet Union (Topic title is candidates own choosing)

+ Progression

A-level History encourages effective research skills, the ability to evaluate conflicting evidence and helps you to produce balanced arguments. These attributes are highly sought after in a wide range of occupations, and are particularly useful for careers in Law, Media, Politics, Accountancy and Museum and Heritage work.


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