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History A Level

You should study History if you wish to learn how and why the world and populations and nations came to be as they are today. 

History will provide you with a sense of the past, and its impact on the present, an awareness of different values, systems and societies, and how to develop critical, yet balanced opinions.

+ Course details and future career paths

Modern World History

Route 1: Russia and the USSR 1917-1991 and China 1947-1976

Route 2: Britain 1918-1997 and 20th Century USA

This exciting Modern History A-level course covers 200 years of world history and students will be able to choose between two different routes in the first year. The first of these examines the emergence and development of Communist States in Russia and China, and includes an enquiry topic on the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Route 2 focuses on social, cultural and political history in Britain and the USA, and will include an examination of the struggle for equal rights for women, ethnic minorities and the LGBT community. During the second year all students will complete an Independent Enquiry coursework and a final examination unit looking a the British Experience of Warfare.

First Year

  • Route 1 (Units 1 and 2) - Russia and the USSR 1917-1991 and Mao's China 1947-1976
  • Route 2 (Units 1 and 2) - Britain 1918-1997 and 20th Century USA

Second Year (all routes)

  • Paper 3 - The British Experience of warfare, 1790-1918
  • Independent Enquiry (coursework) - previous topics have included Nazi Germany and the campaign for civil rights in the USA

+ Progression

A-level History encourages effective research skills, the ability to evaluate conflicting evidence and helps you to produce balanced arguments. These attributes are highly sought after in a wide range of occupations, and are particularly useful for careers in Law, Media, Politics, Accountancy and Museum and Heritage work.


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