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Graphic Design A Level

Graphic design is used in advertising, magazines, apps, websites and posters. Develop your skills working with industry standard software in Apple Mac suites, you will explore and develop skills in a broad range of art and digital media, including typography, digital and traditional photography, drawing from observation, web design, and specialist illustration.

The first year is focused on developing your knowledge of graphic design and its related industries, whilst the second year develops your depth of understanding in the areas of graphics you wish to pursue as a career.

+ Course details and future career paths

Graphic Design is an excellent choice for anyone with a vivid interest in visual communication, the art of conveying an idea with word and imagery for a commercial purpose. The course enables students to explore aspects of graphic design such as illustration, typography and advertising through a varied approach of media.

This two year course is delivered as three distinct units of study, which introduce and expand the skills of visual communication, in relation to the discipline of Graphic Design. Each unit builds upon prior knowledge which tests creative skills and imagination in working towards design brief resolutions. You will communicate ideas, through inter-play of words and images, media handling, contextual research and visual realisation. Quality of written expression is especially important in the second year of study.

Over the course of the first year you will develop the study skills required of an Advanced Level student of Graphic Communication You will be taken on a journey of exploration and skills development with regular assessments via group crits, 1-1 reviews and assessment of your research.

The year culminates in a mock exam (whereby you will be provided with a brief and expected to prepare for a ten hour exam) providing you with excellent practice ahead of your second year.

In the second year, you will hone in on particular areas of strength and interest and this will largely dictate your personal investigation (a significant piece of work that will be worked on from September-January).

In February, the assessment focus moves to the exam paper and you are provided with a period of time to approach and prepare for the exam brief, culminating in a fifteen hour exam at the end of the year.

Unit One- Personal Investigation- 60% of A Level

Unit Two - Controlled Assignment - 40% of A level

+ Progression

Graphic Communication A-level provides a sound basis if you wish to proceed to Higher Education, as well as being a useful background to a career within the art field.


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