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English Literature A Level

This course is for students who thoroughly enjoy reading and want to broaden their knowledge of English literature (prose, poetry and drama) from a range of different historical periods. There is a high level of demand in terms of both the level and the amount of reading involved: students will be expected to read on their own outside lesson time.

Students thinking of taking this course should be open-minded and keen to explore a range of writing and authors, as well as a range of literary approaches and concepts, and should be ready to be challenged by what they read. The focus of the course is on learning to recognise, interrogate and analyse the many and varied ways in which authors create meaning. Students are encouraged to develop a holistic understanding of texts in all their complexity. A willingness to take part in lively discussion and debate is also an asset on the course.

+ Course details and future career paths

A-level English Literature course is divided into three components. We will be studying a variety of poetry, drama and prose fiction. You will be examined at the end of your second year, and you will also complete a coursework file towards the beginning of the second year of study.

Component 1: Love through the Ages

Drama and Poetry pre-1900

Shakespeare (The Winters Tale by William Shakespeare)

Drama and Poetry pre-1900 (The Great Gatsby by S. Scott Fitzgerald and the Anthology of poems)

Written paper 75 marks (Closed text 3 hours 40% of total A-Level)

Component 2: Comparative and Contextual study

Close reading in chosen topic area (Unseen literary text)

Comparative and contextual study from chosen topic area (A street car named desire by Tennessee Williams and The Help by Kathryn Stockett)

Written paper 75 marks (Closed text 2 hours 30 minutes 40% of total A-Level

Component 3: Literature post-1900

Comparative essay: Literature post-1900 (The yellow wall paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman)

50 marks (Non-examined assessment 20% of total A-Level)

+ Progression

English Literature combines well with a wide range of other subjects. Through it you are offering evidence of high quality communication skills and an ability to be creative and analytical. These skills are widely transferable and a successful student would be a good candidate for higher education and employment.


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