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English Language A Level

The English Language course is designed to appeal to students who enjoy the study of language and are seeking to explore the nature and functions of language, how its key constituent parts have developed under the influence of a variety of contextual factors and how these changes may be analysed and evaluated creatively.

This specification will enable you to explore the fundamental structures and functions of writing, speech and conversation and how language functions in different social contexts.

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Year 1 focuses on the acquisition of key concepts, theories and terminology. Key topics include textual variation and representation, language and gender, language and social/occupational groups and regional/national varieties of English.

Year 2 consolidates and extends knowledge and understanding from year 1. Key topics include children's language development and language diversity and change. Course work is completed during both years of the course.

Paper 1: Language, the Individual and Society

Section A – Textual Variations and Representations

You will be given two texts, linked by topic or theme, one of which will be a historical text. You will demonstrate your ability to analyse and compare the texts, using appropriate frameworks and terminology.

Section B – Children’s Language Development (0-11 years)

Your will be asked to write a discursive essay on children’s language development. You will be provided with data which will focus on spoken, written or multimodal language. You will be able to demonstrate your understanding of the functions of children’s language; the phonological, pragmatic, lexical, semantic and grammatical development of children; and show your engagement with theories and research about language development.

Paper 2: Language Diversity and Change

Section A – Diversity and Change

You will be required to write one evaluative essay on language change or language diversity. You will be examined on your ability to identify and describe features of language diversity and change. You will analyse how texts present ideas about language using appropriate frameworks and with reference to relevant research.

Section B – Language Discourses

You will be presented with two texts on the topic of language diversity and change and will be required to demonstrate your understanding of how the texts use language to present ideas, attitudes and opinions. You will also produce a directed writing task linked to the same topic and the ideas in the exam texts.

Coursework-Language in Action

You will produce a 2,000 word language investigation on an area of your choice.

You will produce a 750 word piece of original writing with an accompanying 750 word commentary.

You will be assessed on your ability to produce an independent piece of work, demonstrating your analytical and creative writing skills.

+ Progression

English Language combines well with a wide range of other subjects. Through it you are offering evidence of high quality communication skills and an ability to be creative and analytical. These skills are widely transferable and make you marketable for higher education and employment.


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