Curriculum at AVC

The curriculum supports pupils’ physical, mental and personal well-being, safety and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and pupils are aware of the meaning and importance of British Values.


Our knowledge-rich curriculum provides a route map for high levels of achievement, developing the mathematicians, engineers, athletes, historians and geologists of tomorrow. We achieve this goal by bringing the outside world in, enabling our students to live inside their subject as if it were a laboratory, a concert hall, or a Spanish market! Designed by subject specialists, students work through a progression of competencies, supported by skills such as resilience to apply the knowledge. Our resources hook students into subjects, driving them to investigate, experiment, solve problems and engage in dialogue.

Through a wide range of enrichment opportunities, students are prepared for the pathways most suited to their interests and their future careers.   As a school at the centre of a community, our curriculum extends past the school bell and past the school gates.

Our ultimate aim is that students talk about lessons after the lesson, that we stimulate their thirst for knowledge. Honesty, Fairness, Endeavour and Mutual Respect permeate the school fabric ensuring students understand that failure is part of success, each mistake teaching us something about the subject and about ourselves.


The curriculum:

·         Exploits opportunities to develop the school values of Honesty, Endeavour, Fairness and Mutual respect

·         Builds confident, curious, life-long learners through a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum

·         Develops skills to enable students to transform and apply that knowledge

·         Ensures pupils are well prepared for their next steps in education and work

·         Is supported by opportunities that enrich and extend the academic curriculum within the school and the local community


  • Subject areas map their curricula across five years into key competencies (units of knowledge and skills)

  • Opportunities for problem solving, critical thinking, enquiry, building perseverance/resilience are interwoven into the competency framework

  • Full three year Key Stage 3

  • All students take maths, English, science and one EBACC subject - then have a free choice of three other subjects


  • Competencies are assessed at four levels – emerging, developing, secure, mastery – every two (core) and four (non-core) week cycles

·         Data from the assessments are used to stimulate teaching and learning conversations that inform planning for the next competency

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School Day Timings

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