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Criminology A Level

Not all types of crime are alike. Are you interested in what different types of crime take place in our society and what kinds of crime exist, about which we know very little? How do we decide what behaviour is criminal? What are the roles of personnel involved when a crime is detected? Want a career in the police force, legal professions or forensic sciences? Perhaps you are interested to know more about the new exciting subject of Criminology? Either way this is the perfect course for you.

+ Course details and future career paths

This course provides an opportunity to broaden your field of study in the social sciences, with a particular focus on crime. You will explore the causes of criminal behaviour, attitudes to crime, criminal investigations and the wider social and psychological aspects of crime.

Year 1

Changing awareness of crime

At the end of this unit, you will have gained skills to differentiate between myth and reality when it comes to crime and to recognise that common representations may be misleading and inaccurate. You will have gained the skills to understand the importance of changing public perceptions of crime. You will be able to use and assess a variety of methods used by agencies to raise awareness of crime so that it can be tackled effectively. You will have gained the skills to plan a campaign for change in relation to crime; for example to raise awareness, change attitudes or change reporting behaviour.

Criminological Theories

At the end of this unit you will have gained the skills to evaluate some criminological theories and know there are debates within the different theories. You will understand how changes in criminological theory have influenced policy. You will also have gained the skills to apply the theories to a specific crime or criminal in order to understand both the behaviour and the theory.

Year 2

Crime scene to courtroom

From investigating a crime scene, to police powers and legal processes you will understand each step of the criminal process. At the end of this unit you will have gained the skills to review criminal cases, evaluating the evidence in the cases to determine whether the verdict is safe and just.

Crime & Punishment

Through this unit, you will learn about the criminal justice system in England and Wales and how it operates to achieve social control. You will have gained an understanding of the organisations which are part of our system of social control and their effectiveness in achieving their objectives. As such, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the process of social control in delivering policy in different contexts.

+ Progression

This course is ideal for anyone that wishes to pursue a career in Criminology. This course can provide a route into Higher Education to study at degree level in a variety of areas such as Criminology, Criminal Justice, Psychology and Forensic Science. The course would provide an excellent basis to anyone wishing to pursue careers within the police, as a social worker, youth workers and community development workers.

The qualification allows students to gain the required understanding and skills to be able to consider employment within some aspects of the Criminal Justice System, Law or police force e.g. the National Probation Service, the Courts and Tribunals Service or the National Offender Management Service to include police/prison officers, probation officers, social workers, youth workers and community development workers.


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