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Classic Civilisation A Level

Are you inspired by the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome? If so, you will be right at home studying A Level Classical Civilisation.

As a student you will explore different aspects of ancient Greek and Roman history and literature. 

From Greek myths and epic journeys through to the history of Rome and the reign of Emperor Augustus, you will be able to delve into the inner workings of what many people see as the dawn of civilisation.

This is your opportunity to discover the rich histories of major cultural icons that include warrior heroes, despicable villains, outstanding philosophers, literary geniuses and architectural innovators.

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Students will study a selection of ancient texts and explore their literary, social and historical contexts as well as examining the techniques playwrights employ to create tragedy and comedy.

Unit 1: Homer’s Odyssey and Society

Following the end of the Trojan War Odysseus begins an epic adventure to return home. The sea-god Poseidon and a myriad of monsters relentlessly hound him on his ten-year journey only for him to find his homeland besieged by his wife Penelope’s suitors. Students will discuss Odysseus’ adventure and the context of society in Homer’s The Odyssey.

Unit 2: Greek Tragedy in its Context

Students explore plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides through text, screen or stage production and examine the literary, social and historical contexts as well as the tricks and techniques used to create dramatic effect.

Unit 3: Comic Drama in the Ancient World

How did the Aristophanes, Menander and Plautus portray the ancient world through their comic dramas? Students will examine the context in which the plays were produced and look at the techniques used to create comedy.

Unit 4: Virgil and the World of the Hero

Students get to experience the epic adventures in Virgil’s Aeneid and Homer’s Iliad and examine the world in which they are set and the role of the hero. The texts are read in translation.

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As well as being superb preparation for further study in the Classics, a study of Classical Civilisation complements many other popular A Level subjects. These include: Archaeology, Drama and Theatre Studies, English Literature, Government and Politics, History and Philosophy.


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