"At Avon Valley College, people matter..."

Avon Valley College is an 11-18 secondary school, specialising in sport. The College is set in beautiful grounds which are surrounded by trees and green fields and there are superb views from almost every room.

The College has a highly committed and experienced staff whose purpose is to support and enhance the educational experience of every child in their care.   

The facilities are constantly being updated and extended; in 2018 a new building project will begin, the first of a 4 phase building strategy that will see the entire site renewed.

At Avon Valley College, people matter: our students, their parents, staff and the whole community which supports us – they all have a voice in the work of the College and play an essential role in the process of achievement and improvement.   



Recreation Road,
Wilts, SP4 8HH


01980 652 467


Rachel Titchener  office@avonvalleycollege.org.uk